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5 tips for programmatic purchases in Schibsted

2023-01-24 | News , programmatic

At Schibsted, we are keen to make it easy for you as an advertiser, so we have therefore collected our best tips for your programmatic purchases:

1 . Schibsted should be bought via private deals (PMP) rather than open auction.
This is so that all parties have the necessary control over what is bought, how it is bought and at what price points, so that we can follow up the campaign as best as possible. In addition, you get to make full use of Schibsted's targeting options.

2 . Schibsted should be split into a separate Line Item/purchasing strategy in the DSP.
This is to ensure that limitations between different technologies do not spoil a potential purchase at Schibsted, which will very often be in the best interests of the campaign.

3. Schibsted should not be combined with unique DSP functions/target groups.
E.g. Google data and viewability targeting. This will lead to a very low match rate and thus potentially low coverage, and you miss out on the value in purchases from Schibsted.

4. Don't forget Schibsted's Safari inventory.
Always include mobile and Safari as a separate buying strategy as it will greatly benefit the campaign to differentiate between Chrome and Safari inventory.

5. Get help from customer managers in Schibsted.
All our customer managers are here to help you and your customers and are happy to offer ideas, input and insight. Our account managers know both the customer and the industry godt .

We have also created an overview where we have gathered useful information about Schibsted's programmatic offer: targeting options, formats, coverage, technology choice, data and contact information.

You can download it as a PDF here .



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