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This is how CPC Native bidding works FINN , at 1-2-3

2021-06-9 | FINN , News

The success of the CPC campaign depends on two things; number of clicks and cost per click. For the CPC campaign to get enough reach It's important that you bid the right price for the clicks and that the ad engages the recipients. Here we will give you some great tips to succeed with your CPC campaign. We give you three tips to succeed with bidding FINN .no:

  1. Match the message in the ad with the context in which the ad should appear.
  2. If your campaign should deliver few clicks, then we recommend that you optimize your native ad so that it is more engaging and therefore more clickable. So achieve a higher CTR.
  3. Increase the bid on the price of the click. Maybe there is a lot of competition in the category you have chosen, and then it may pay to increase the price of your bid.

How does unsecured CPC work?

Here, Campaign Z will be given the highest priority and the ad will typically be loaded first and the delivery of this campaign will be prioritized over the other campaigns. Campaigns X and Y can still get impressions, but with lower priority. If there is high competition in a category with limited inventory, one will struggle to deliver volume with too low a priority.

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