News The proof that Finn Torget selling goods!

The proof that Finn Torget selling goods!

2021-06-9 | Case , FINN , News

The teleoutlet was one of the first to be used FINN Torget's CPC (cost per click) product, which they do not regret. They sell slightly used mobile phones, and have long advertised on FINN The square that has worked godt . Their goal is to increase awareness of the brand and strengthen traffic and sales to the online store. When they found out that they could only pay for the clicks into the website - well, then they had to give it a try FINN The square!

The format is native ads, which makes the ads a natural part of the marketplace. When you click on the ads, you land directly on the product in the online store. This has had a good effect.

After a short time, CPC has Native FINN The square then converted godt because it has become one of the main investments for Teleoutlet. Through the advertising in the categories Mobile Phones, Phones and Accessories, they reach a very relevant target group; those who are actively looking for products similar to theirs! This means that they meet the objectives of increased traffic and sales. The teleoutlet has an always on run, and changes material about every 3 months. At times, they amplify with display ads, as well as VGTV to increase awareness. This is a good combination with CPC Native FINN The square that provides traffic and is triggering sales.