News / Job survey 2022: The struggle for qualified labor has not been tougher in 15 years

Job survey 2022: The struggle for qualified labor has not been tougher in 15 years

2022-05-31 | News

It can be challenging for companies to meet increased demand in the market

Earlier in May, Schibsted and FINN recent figures from the job survey 2022. After two years of corona-closed Norway, it is extra interesting to dive into the movements within the job market. One thing is sure; The competition for the best heads is tougher than ever.

The speech of the numbers is clear; The company's brand and profile are becoming increasingly important in order to be able to attract the best candidates. In many cases, there will be a lot going on - and then it is first and foremost the employer who has to feather his feathers and make himself attractive to potential employees.

The optimism among employees after the corona is great, says Ove Ronny Christensen, Commercial Analyst at Schibsted. There are few who fear losing their jobs, and most believe it will be easy to find a new job.

Together with colleague Julie Januel-Nødtvedt, he has spent the last few weeks analyzing Norwegians' thoughts and expectations of the job market.

As many as seven out of ten companies plan to recruit within the next three months. This is a significant increase since 2019. At the same time, the proportion of working people who are willing to change jobs is marginally increasing.


Godt working environment, development opportunities and flexibility are valued

The drivers for choosing an employer are relatively stable, says Januel-Nødtvedt. Godt working environment, good wage conditions and a secure job are what most people value most, she continues.

If we dive a little further into the numbers, however, we see some interesting differences in some groups. Those who have recently changed jobs place far more emphasis on good development opportunities with a new employer.

Christensen can also tell that some job seekers are above average concerned about the possibility of flexibility and home office.

It is something they in IT development and similar industries value highly, but there are perhaps more who can recognize themselves in it, he concludes with a smile.

And if you are looking for new opportunities, Christensen can also reveal that is by far the most important source for keeping up to date on vacancies. Among active job seekers, more than 80% answer that they prefer to follow there.


The survey was conducted by Norstat on behalf of Schibsted