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Matkanalen is Norway's only pure food channel! We distribute tailor-made content to the food-loving Norwegian people through linear TV and snap shows.

Matlanalen on Snap
Has about 100,000 - 250,000 unique viewers per episode, and a total of about 500,000 unique viewers per month. The channel has about 200,000 subscribers

Here we meet a young target group where around 85% of viewers are aged 13-35, and about 75% are women. They watch an average of 59 sec of each episode

Matkanalen linear
Has about 250,000 unique viewers on our linear TV channel every week, and 650,000 - 700,000 reach per month. The target group is a little older than Matkanalen's Snapshows. Average viewing time is about 21 min.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us at Matkanalen for a non-committal chat about the possibilities of advertising in Matkanalen .
General Manager: Øivind Lindøe
Email: oivind @ matkanalen .tv
Phone: +47 996 43 620

Read more about the brand Matkanalen here

Advertising on Matkanalen

There are 3 different advertising packages to choose from, adapted to the customers' different market needs. All of these contain:

  • Product placement on Matkanalen's linear channel and Snapshow
  • Recipes
  • Display impressions and campaign reporting
  • 4 still images
  • 1 x 15-30 sec short film without a chef
  • 1x 6 sec packshot movie per episode you buy

You can also add more options, such as. Content, more recipes, prerolls, influencers, and much much more!

Small package Kr 270 000 Net
Medium package Kr 380 000 Net
Large package Kr 650,000 Net

Tastes from Matkanalen

In this film, we have gathered a selection from that menu on TV and Matkanalen's various Snapchat channels.
Here you will find something for everyone! Everything from vegan and vegetarian food to food festivals and local ingredients presented by famous chefs and food profiles from Norway.
In addition, we have purchased new food programs from around the world. Bon apéttit!


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