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Generic spot


A spot can go across everyone, or some of Schibsted's podcasts. Great product for you who want to advertise in a cost-effective way, and have content that is a maximum of 30 seconds.

Basic specifications

Podcasts Everyone

What does the ad sound like?

Ad placement

A generic spot is broadcast either before the podcast episode starts, in the middle of the episode or at the end.


15 seconds Kr 140 CPM
20 seconds Kr 150 CPM
25 seconds Kr 160 CPM
30 seconds Kr 170 CPM

Podcast opportunities in Schibsted

Generic spot

10-30 sec

Content spot

30-60 sec
Editorial programs

Native Spot

30-90 sec
Entertainment programs

Content episode

5-15 min
Editorial programs

Native episode

5-15 min
Entertainment programs


How to deliver material to us

Delivery deadline: 3 working days before publication, no later than 12.00

Send the material to traffic@schibsted.no
Include booking number in the subject field

Cancellation and relocation

Cancellation Policy Podcast:

Relocation presupposes that new dates are available and that we have available stock. Indent date can only be moved once:

  • Relocation earlier than 10 days (20 days for WEBTV and PODCAST) before promotion date: No extra charge
  • Cancellation later than 10 days (20 days for WEBTV and PODCAST) before promotion date: 25% must be paid
  • Cancellation later than 3 days (10 days for WEBTV and PODCAST) before promotion date: 100% must be paid
  • Moving more than 30 days in advance is considered a cancellation and cancellation policy applies.

    For Snapchat on VG Discover, separate rules apply.

Generic spot

max limit LUFS -16 LUFS

File format:
For VAST tag, we do not support VPAID

Max file size 5mb
Recommends a minimum bit rate of 128kbps (not required, but recommended for good quality).

15-30 sec


Content: Spot and episode specifications

Partner Studio ensures that content productions maintain the requirements for specifications