Schibsted SMB

Schibsted SMB lifts small and medium-sized companies into the spotlight

We specialize in delivering effective marketing to small and medium-sized businesses, with small and medium-sized budgets. You can expect us to help you from idea to finished ad.

You decide what you want to say in your ad - the rest we take care of!

Once the ad has started, our team will work together to take care of you as a customer and ensure the best results!

Here you can read about the Schibsted SMB team!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Schibsted SMB help me with?

Schibsted SMB helps local companies with marketing on Norway's largest website! Your team with us at Schibsted SMB consists of a media consultant, graphic designer, web designer, copywriter and campaign coordinator. 

Do I have to create the ad myself?

Our design team creates the ad for you. All we need is to receive the logo, text and image you want to use in your ad.

Do I have to advertise throughout Norway?

Together we create a campaign that is displayed in the area you want!
Schibsted has both local and national websites, but even if you want to advertise on the front page of, we can show your ad e.g. only in your municipality.

How much does it cost to advertise?

Our goal is to offer effective marketing to small and medium-sized businesses, with small and medium-sized budgets.
To ensure that the ad gives you the best possible effect, it must have good visibility. The price therefore depends on how large an area you want to show off in, and how long the campaign will last.

How long can I advertise?

How long you want your ad to show is entirely up to you! We want to work together to create the best strategy to achieve your goals.

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