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VG-List is FINALLY back!

2022-04-6 | News , Sponsorship

In June 2022, it is three years since we last filled Rådhusplassen, Bergen and Trondheim with music and joy. That is why we can once again invite you to Scandinavia's biggest free concert with extra great enthusiasm!

There are many reasons why VG-Lista is important, but this year it is perhaps more important than ever! We know that the pandemic has left its mark on young people and young adults, with both mental and physical consequences as a result of strict guidelines over a long period of time.

Together with NRK, partners and sponsors, we therefore want to kick-start the summer holidays with a memory for life for tens of thousands of young people and young adults.

To reflect our commitment to the concerts themselves, this year we also have a larger commercial 0 for our sponsors.

3 good reasons to be VG-List's official sponsor in 2022:


Build a relationship today, with tomorrow's potential customers

VG-List reaches out widely, both on NRK1, VG, VGTV and in the form of tens of thousands of audiences. The core target group is aged 14-25. It is these people that both ours and your brand will live off in the years to come. Building a strong relationship takes time, start already this year.

Larger commercial opportunity space than ever

Do you want a physical presence in the concert arenas, with everything from sampling, competitions and giveaways? Or would you rather focus on digital presence in VG's channels and social media? Maybe you want a larger 360-degree collaboration that includes profiles, creating your own VG-List product or content marketing? Maybe you want a combination? As a sponsor of VG-Lista in 2022, you will be able to pick and mix the products that are most appropriate based on your KPIs.

This year, your brand can even be on stage in front of tens of thousands of expectant fans, just before the concert on NRK1 begins.

Documented effect from all cities

We also continue this year the collaboration with the analysis company Sponsor Insight. For the first time, they use recruitment teams in all three cities, and our sponsors will receive a tailored audience report that provides clear answers as to whether the collaboration delivered on expectations or not.

About VG-List

VG-Lista was started up already in 1958, and the hit list is based on streaming, downloading music and selling over the counter. The list is updated every Friday throughout the year.

At the concerts of VG-Lista Top 20, you get to experience the best of Norwegian artists spiced with foreign stars! Since 1998, we have visited Norway's largest cities, and on stage we have seen stars such as A-HA, Jason Darulo, Jason Mraz, Veronica Maggio, TIX, Victor Leksell and Alan Walker perform their biggest hits in front of up to 100,000 spectators. The concert is shown live on NRK1 and VGTV.

Does this arouse interest? See the VG-List presentation HERE Also contact your contact person at Schibsted and / or - we are happy to tell you more.