Ajankohtaista / Gigantti Outlet brought used electronic goods to Finland’s most popular marketplace

Gigantti Outlet brought used electronic goods to Finland’s most popular marketplace

2022-06-2 | unpublished

Gigantti, Finland’s market leader in home electronics, and the most popular marketplace Tori.fi started a successful cooperation that brings returned products, that are in good condition and functioning, store samples and ageing product models from 41 physical Gigantti stores and Gigantti online store to Tori marketplace. Giganttis store in Tori platform is called ‘Löytöjä takuulla’ which translates to ‘great finds with warranty. During the first three months the store was visited over 1,5 million times by Tori users.

It’s time to start to give value to used electronics and for the big players in retail to come together and give the circular economy a real boost in Finland. Companies are reliable sources to buy used goods and consumers are eager to learn about new sustainable services. We really look forward to continuing our partnership with Tori and Finn’s will have the opportunity to find good deals with warranty through both Gigantti and Tori. Patrik Järnefelt (Marketing Manager for Gigantti) describes the cooperation.

Feedback from consumers has been nothing but positive. In particular, the combination of outlet products with normal warranty and return policy has been highly appreciated among visitors. Currently, there are over 10 000 Gigantti outlet products listed in Tori. The most attractive products among consumers have been IT -products and big home appliances.

After a successful pilot, the cooperation has deepened and is being continuously developed to ensure that more and more consumers will find the Gigantti’s outlet products at Tori. The cooperation has proved that used and returned electronics in good condition has a place in Tori marketplace. The demand has increased tremendously when the awareness of the concept has grown. It has been a privilege to be able to help Gigantti in their effort to improve sustainability actions and at the same time grow their sales in the outlet products category. says Lauri Hautala, Key Account Manager for Tori.

Gigantti outlet in Tori generates thousands of visitors to the Gigantti website every week to buy outlet products. Users that come from Tori convert to buyers more efficiently than from any other digital advertising channel. In addition to visitor traffic, the partnership brings brand visibility and increase the awareness of Gigantti’s outlet offering which makes the whole concept highly successful for us. says Patrik Järnefelt about the outcomes of the cooperation.

The idea for the collaboration between Tori and Gigantti came from the ‘Second Chance’ -project which was facilitated by Verona Growth. The project was funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The aim of the project was to create and conceptualise new opportunities and for circular economy business models.

Companies are reliable sellers of used goods

Currently, Tori offers opportunities for over 3100 companies to reach 3,4 million Tori users with buying intent every month.

As Finland’s most popular marketplace, Tori provides an easy way for consumers and businesses to support and benefit from the circular economy. The strong growth in sustainable consumption and circular economy is also reflected to the number of consumers visiting Tori – which provides opportunity for businesses to reach over 3.4 millions Finns. Tori, as a sales channel, is suitable for both online and brick-and-mortar stores and we are constantly looking for new ways to help businesses to sell their returned products and sample products through our platform, concludes Jenni Tuomisto, Business Director for Tori.