Specifications for

video ads

It is important to follow the specifications for each ad placement to ensure that your ads work optimally and to address design issues. In this guide you will find an overview of goals, file sizes, character specifications and recommendations.


Sending material to us

Delivery deadline: 3 working days before publication, no later than 12 pm

Send the material to traffic@schibsted.no

  • Please CC your contact person in Schibsted
  • Include booking number and start date in the subject field
Cancellation and changes

Changes to your booking presupposes that new dates are available and that we have stock available. Indent date can only be moved once:

  • Changes earlier than 10 days (20 days for WEBTV) before promotion date: No extra charge
  • Cancellation later than 10 days (20 days for WEBTV) before promotion date: 25% must be paid
  • Cancellation later than 3 days (10 days for WEBTV) before promotion date: 100% must be paid
  • Changes more than 30 days in advance is considered a cancellation and cancellation policy applies.

For Snapchat on VG Discover, separate rules apply.

Preroll and Bumper Ads

You can test if your video can be used as an ad here: Schibsted Video Creative Controller

Preroll: max 15 seconds
Bumper Ad: max 6 seconds

File format .mp4
File size max 50 MB
Platform VAST. VPAID must be removed from VAST-tag.

Ratio (width:height): 16:9
Video-kodek: DVCPRO HD or H264.
Resolution: As high as possible, preferably 1080p (1920×1080) or 720p (1280×720). Minimum 640×360 px.
Frames per second: We recomend 50 frames per second. Minimum 25 frames progressivt or 50 frames interlaced. Maximum 60 frames per second.
Quality (bitrate): Minimum 5000 kbps

Format: Stereo AAC or MP3
Soundlevel: -23 (+/-7) LUFS/LKFS. Maximum -16 LUFS, minimum -30
Quality (bitrate): Minimum 128 kbps

Ads that don’t comply will be rejected.