Schibsted - the easiest way to the Norwegian people

Schibsted was founded in 1839, and has since worked with news, entrepreneurship and innovation. Today we reach over 3 million people daily through some of Norway's largest brands such as Aftenposten, VG, E24, FINN .no, Prisjakt and My Tender.

Altogether, half of all traffic on Norwegian websites actually goes through Schibsted, which means that we are a natural part of the lives of most people who live in Norway. This helps us deliver on our social mission; namely to finance and protect Norwegian democracy through a free press. When we also have a large and premium print portfolio, yes, then we dare to call ourselves Norway's largest media house.

Our brands

What started in Norway has also become a large company internationally, with sites such as Blocket, Aftonbladet and SVD in Sweden, Tori in Finland and recently Ebay in Denmark. If you are interested in knowing more about Schibsted as a company, you can read more on our website .

5 facts you as an advertiser should know about Schibsted!

We reach 91% of the population

1. Market-leading coverage

Schibsted can offer you as an advertiser the highest digital coverage on the Norwegian market, with a whopping 92% weekly coverage (F&M 2022/2). 

This means that you can quickly reach the entire population of Norway, or only meet a specific target group. Let's say that your target group is women in the age group 26-35 who are in Bergen . Whether you get visibility on the front page of VG, FINN or Bergens Tidende you only pay to reach your target group, the premise is that she is in your target group.

A little fun fact in the end; of the 20 largest digital media in Norway, Schibsted has 8 of them!

2. Premium context

News media is at the very top as the most effective medium for conducting long-term brand building. Schibsted has the largest news sites in Norway.

Our context is protected every day by our editors-in-chief, such as VG's Gard Steiro and Aftenposten's Trine Eilertsen, and the public's trust is high in the Norwegian media. According to brand tracker YouGov was FINN .no Norway's most liked brand in 2020. And this is important, because Comscore has documented that the premium context can result in 67% higher brand promotion! We use to say that our context is the most valuable we have and we are happy to share this with you as an advertiser.

about schibsted facts 02
about schibsted facts 02

3. Premium formats

Schibsted has formats and products that provide higher attention and greater engagement with readers

At Schibsted, we are constantly working to develop our offer to Norwegian advertisers. We use the standard formats in Norway, which makes it easy for you as an advertiser to place campaigns with us. You get lower production costs and can buy more efficiently. Our portfolio is large, and we are constantly working to document the effect of our solutions. In 2020, SCDS showed that visibility on Schibsted's surfaces can increase awareness of your brand or product by as much as 12%. In addition, we saw that the purchase intention can increase by as much as 47%.

4. Unique data

Schibsted has data of high quality, we know our readers; who they are, where they are and what they are interested in. This creates a great opportunity for you as an advertiser.

Today, Schibsted is the largest publisher in the Nordics with over 2.5 million logged-in users every single week. With such a universe, we can both hit and measure the effect of our surfaces on actual people, not unique users or cookies. This is a big advantage for you as an advertiser, as you get a full overview of who you have actually reached with your message. A logged-in ecosystem also helps us to develop new effective products, have safe processes for storing data and not least, have good data bases for all decisions we make. Safe for you as an advertiser and for our readers.

about schibsted facts 02
about schibsted facts 02

5. Schibsted's universe is free of fraud and it gives you as an advertiser an important security

This means that we can document that the impressions you buy are actually visible to the recipients. Juniper Research estimates that digital advertising fraud will cost advertisers $ 44 billion globally in 2022, more than doubling from 2018. At Schibsted, we regularly measure suspicious traffic on our sites, and today we have about 0.2% fraud, which means that we are free from fraud.