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Schibsted has a large number of podcasts and our programs reach hundreds of thousands of listeners every week

  • Reach active listeners with high attention to the message
  • Reach a young and attractive target group
  • Opportunity to get the presenters to convey the message
  • We offer help with concept and production
  • Podcast builds brand and increases buying intention

Podcast opportunities in Schibsted

Generic spot

10-30 sec

Content spot

30-60 sec
Editorial programs

Native Spot

30-90 sec
Entertainment programs

Content episode

5-15 min
Editorial programs

Native episode

5-15 min
Entertainment programs

Our podcasts

Harm & Hegseth



Gjæver og gjengen


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Venner av internett

Kondomeriet about his collaboration with Harm & Hegseth

“ Harm & Hegseth talks about the topic of sex, cohabitation and sex toys which for many is still a bit taboo and embarrassing. By giving Morten and Vegard some free rein to communicate the message in a playful and fun way, they make safe and normal use of sex toys safe. Combined with the listeners' focused mode, and their trust in the guys, we get to convey the message and the brand Kondomeriet in a credible and relevant way that hits godt in the target group. We have been very godt pleased with this brand-building campaign and will continue to use this channel. ”