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For Godt .no food inspiration is the most important thing we do

We want to create a website where you get good recipes, tips and guides and the latest trends on the food front. There should be gorgeous pictures, and the cases should be simple and delicately presented. Here come the meat lovers, the vegetable lovers, those who love to bake cake, those who want to eat more fish, those who want to make a dinner of a maximum of 20 minutes, and those who love to spend several hours on a Sunday roast.

Users inspire each other to be more open to choosing something new by sharing their favorite recipes from Godt .

Maria Tveiten Helgeby


By having "value for the user" and "food enjoyment" as overriding goals, in both product development and journalism, we provide inspiration to more and more Norwegians in a five-star package.

For you as an advertiser, this means that you can place your ad in a fantastic context to meet the food-loving Norwegian people.

Maria Tveiten Helgeby, Journalist i Godt


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