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Our data strategy

Privacy and data in Schibsted

Schibsted represents the largest Norwegian logged-in ecosystem

Schibsted's computer strategy is first and foremost about enabling the full potential across our media. We will develop the best solutions and products for our users; both readers and advertisers.

For a number of years, Schibsted has worked purposefully to increase the number of logged-in users on our sites, and it is the sum of all these sites that forms what we call an ecosystem.

Through services such as, VG, Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende and E24, we have created a solid basis for data collection - which is both safe for consumers and effective for you as an advertiser.

Due to our quality content and increased focus on the benefits of being logged in, our sites are used by 2.5 million logged-in users every week.

REACH 2.0 helps you to succeed with your marketing and document your impact.

The fact that we now have 2.5 million logged-in users every week has helped us develop a method to measure the coverage of your campaign in real peoplenot unique users or cookies. 

Schibsted's ecosystem of logged-in users provides 1st-party data

2.5 million Norwegians are logged in to one or more of Schibsted's sites every day

Schibsted Match

If you take the step of combining the customer information you possess with Schibsted's first-party data, you get a match even Tinder will be envious of.

Schibsted's data target groups

Schibsted has the largest Norwegian logged-in ecosystem and a fantastic basis for goal management based on 1st-party data .

Contextual advertising

Use context to reach users in the right mode - those who are already reading relevant content for your message

Logged-in Targeting

By targeting your campaign to only logged-in users, you can better control how many people you reach, how many times and who they are!