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Full screen on FINN

FINN engine

With this format, you have the opportunity to achieve fantastic visibility of your message, in the right context. The full screen format is available on the search result pages on 'cars in Norway' and 'vans in Norway'.

Prices and availability

Cars for Sale, Vans
Search results pages Kr 380 CPM

√ Targeting available
Car make, model and fuel +Kr 40 CPM

Also possible with Schibsted target groups, see separate CPM supplements.

FINN property

On FINN property can be found full screen on search results pages. Through the search result pages, you reach those who search for, and consider, various options, preferably in a geographical area.

Prices and availability

Search result pages
Property for sale, property for rent, new property, property abroad, holiday home for sale, land, commercial property for rent, commercial property for sale, commercial land for sale. Kr 380 CPM

Targeting available
Geographic targeting on all municipalities and counties in Norway, as well as districts in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger. + Kr 40 CPM

Also possible with Schibsted target groups, see separate CPM supplements.

FINN job

Full screen can be purchased across the whole FINN job (run-of-market / ROM), as well as on search results pages for managerial positions, part-time positions, and several different job categories

Prices and availability

Search results pages - All jobs Kr 380 CPM

Managerial position and part-time position
Search Results Pages + 40 CPM

Position category
See the categories here + 40 CPM Also possible with Schibsted target groups, see separate CPM supplements.

FINN the square

On FINN The square can be found in this format on the search result pages, or you can choose one or more of as many as 500 different search categories . Here you can target your advertising to potential buyers of most things!

The main categories of FINN the square is; antiques and art, animals and equipment, electronics and white goods, parents and children, leisure, hobbies and entertainment, garden, renovation and houses, clothing, cosmetics and accessories, furniture and interiors, business, sports and outdoor life and equipment for cars, boats and MC.

Prices and availability

FINN Torget ROM (Run of Market)
Search results pages Kr 340 CPM

√ Targeting available
Search category Torget Search result pages See all available search categories here. + 40 CPM

Also possible with Schibsted target groups, see separate CPM supplements.

Why full screen?

The full screen format takes over the entire screen, making it impossible for the reader to not notice the message, in addition to having a large creative game space. On FINN you can place the ad in the relevant context, close to the moment of action.

Basic specifications

Size 1920x1080px
Device Mobile
File format JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5 or third-party tag through Create, AdForm, DV360 or SeenThis
File size Max 360 kB

Display formats on FINN



320x250 px



580x400 px

Board XL

Board XL

320x400 px

Full screen mobile

Full screen

1920x1080 px



180x700 px (x2) + 1010x150 px



1920x1300 px


How to deliver display material to us

Delivery deadline: 3 working days before publication, no later than 12.00

Send the material to traffic@schibsted.no
Feel free to put your contact person in Schibsted on a copy
Include booking number and start date in the subject field

Full screen specifications
Size 1920 × 1080 px
Safe Zone desktop 1400x940 px
Safe Zone mobile 528x940 px
Device Desktop, Mobile
File format JPG, PNG, GIF or third party tags through AdForm, DV360, SeenThis or Adnami.

If material is sent as a third-party tag, the tag must be responsive.

Full specifications for Adnami can be found here.

File size Max 360 kB
What can Schibsted SMB help me with?

Schibsted SMB helps local companies with marketing on Norway's largest website! Your team with us at Schibsted SMB consists of a media consultant, graphic designer, web designer, copywriter and campaign coordinator. 

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

  • Advertisements must follow the Vær Varsom poster and not conflict with the newspapers 'basic views, perceptions and ethical attitudes or which are otherwise suitable for weakening readers' trust.
  • Ads that are obviously illegal, incorrect or misleading (eg competition or subscription) will be rejected.
  • Ads should not have a sexually explicit, violent, offensive or racist message.
  • Advertisements for weapons, air weapons, replica versions of weapons, toy versions of weapons and ammunition will be rejected.
  • Exceptions can be made for legal hunting weapons sold from approved Norwegian sales outlets, contact traffic@schibsted.no for approval.
  • We reserve the right to reject ads that are not approved by the editor-in-chief.

Ad design

  • The ad should not flash more than three times in one second in animated ads.
  • We allow up to five creatives per format per line booked
  • Maximum length for animated ads is 30 seconds.
  • Ads should not loop
  • Ads should not contain audio that starts automatically. Sound activated with clicks is accepted.
  • All ads must have a logo.
  • CPU cannot exceed 30% average and 60% peak.
  • The ad must load within 0.8 seconds, otherwise the viewability quality (time to visual start) may suffer. Read more about this here: http://help.advalidation.com/en/collections/46686-troubleshooting
  • HTML5: We rely on the INMA HTML standard, click here for specification. NB! We do not allow "console.log(" statements to be embedded in the code, as this can slow down our pages and break debugging processes on the sites. "console.log(" must therefore be removed from the code before submitting the material.
  • Initial load should not be heavier than 150 kb. Anything loaded before the JavaScript event onload is considered initial load. Content that loads after the site is loaded is considered subload. The ad should listen to the browser event and build subload triggers accordingly.
  • HTTPS: All elements of the material must be hosted on https secure servers, including 3rd party tags, html material, fonts and images. A server is https secure when it has an approved SSL certificate. To test your own site you can use this link: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/
  • Connection screening: it is not allowed to drop cookies or use tracking pixels from domains that do not have an approved data processing agreement with Schibsted

Schibsted Ad Operations (AdOps) tests ads in newer versions of the browsers and does not check the ad's backward compatibility with the various browsers. The responsibility for making ads work across browsers lies with those who develop the ads. It is extremely important that the ads work as they should and the advertiser is responsible for the material. Schibsted reserves the right to immediately and without further notice remove ads that do not work satisfactorily. These can be ads that use an unreasonable amount of the computer's processor CPU (Central Processing Unit), are not in accordance with the Marketing Act, contain errors or are not approved by those responsible for the companies.

Ads that can be confused with Schibsted's editorial content:
All ads must be clearly delimited so as not to be confused with editorial content. Our readers should never be in doubt about what is editorial content and what are ads on our services.
Ads that in expression (color, font and design) mimic Schibsted's editorial expression or imitate Schibsted's own native and content products will not be approved.

To ensure that ads are not confused with editorial content, the following design requirements are set:
Ads shall have a background color corresponding to at least 10% color density or a black frame of at least 1 pix.
2. The text must have a margin out to the frame / outer edge of a minimum of 10 pixels.
The font in the ad may not be the same or mimic the one used in editorial content. For VG, the ad text should be written with Grotesque fonts, not Serifs. For FINN the font Arial, Helvetica, or Sans-serif should not be used.
4. Any link texts shall not be red, and the wording shall strive to differ from the wording in the media house's editorial link texts. The wording “Read the case” is accepted e.g. not, as this wording is often used in editorial matters.

GDPR, data policy and measurements

Schibsted uses Xandr as an ad management system and it is Schibsted's measurements of ad impressions that are applicable and not other parties' tracking system. It is only possible to use Schibsted data in connection with advertising on Schibsted's services. It is not possible to use Schibsted- data to target or retarget Schibsted's users on other applications or services.

Read more about our data policy for advertisers

Read more about Schibsted's processing of GDPR, Data Policy and Measurements

Cancellation and relocation

Relocation presupposes that new dates are available and that we have available stock. Indent date can only be moved once:

  • Relocation earlier than 10 days before the promotion date: No extra charge
  • Cancellation later than 10 days before the promotion date: 25% must be paid
  • Cancellation later than 3 days before promotion date: 100% must be paid
  • Moving more than 30 days in advance is considered a cancellation and cancellation policy applies.