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Content Retargeting

Reach customers who have read your content articles

We gather the readers of your content cases in their own target groups automatically - this way we can show display ads to those who have already read about you

Schibsted Match


We have automated the collection of readers of Partnerstudio's content articles in target groups, so that you can retarget those who have read the articles.

This means more flexibility and more opportunities for tailoring:

  • Same segment with new message, based on article, campaign or customer?
  • New segment with the same message - show the article to readers who have not already read it
  • Management based on degree of interest (number of articles read) - one / several articles read from the same campaign or customer

Why retargeting content?

  1. A click = indication of perceived relevance - readers should be seen as a target group
  2. This target group has the potential for high engagement and can be followed up with relevant messages