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FINN is Norway's largest marketplace!

On FINN when you reach out to the Norwegian people in a relevant environment. You can target relevant target groups in buy and search mode on Norway's largest marketplace. Customize your message to contextual placements in the various marketplaces or a specific category. There are many opportunities here, also for you who want to be creative and play with messages that play on the context.

FINN has the #1 position in the markets we operate in. This is something that is completely unique in a world context, that a player has this position. FINN is Norway's largest marketplace, and has the #1 position on all markets! This is something that is completely unique in the global context, that an actor has this position.

#1 Property – 99% of advertised homes,
#1 Car – 90% of all used cars,
#1 Torget – 78% have sold on Torget / 67% have bought on Torget,
#1 Job – 80% of all advertised positions.

Did you know that 1500 searches are made per second FINN , and that every Norwegian spends an average of almost 33 hours a year on FINN .no and the annual values for which is out on FINN is over 700 billion. This corresponds to more than half of the Norwegian state budget in transactions from person to person who are in purchase mode, who dream and who evaluate both used and new goods. On FINN .no you reach the Norwegian people mode and in the relevant context. Here you can now meet "everyone", target relevant target groups in mode, or point with contextual placements in a specific marketplace and category.



of advertised homes



of all cars sold



has sold on Torget


of all advertised positions


No. 1 position for finding destinations

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