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Your message in a relevant context

match relevant context with your message


You set some keywords (words, teams or phrases) that are relevant and can be linked to your message

Schibsted Match is based on logged in users


Based on your keywords, your ad will appear along with relevant news articles

Relevance, completely without personal data

Keyword Matching is a product from Schibsted that enables your ad to appear in a relevant editorial context for your message - completely without personal data.
Take ownership of a topic and become hyper-relevant to those who read articles that match your message.

Keyword Matching is a product that is found across Schibsted's editorial websites; VG, Aftenposten, E24, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad,, Godt .no and MinMote .

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Keyword matching can be purchased at VG, Aftenposten, E24, BT, SA, Tek, Godt and my Fashion
43% say that editorial context increases the purchase intention

Says that ads in an editorial context increase the buying intention

According to a survey conducted by IAB in 2020, the purchase intention increases when an advertisement is in an editorial context.

The survey also shows that almost 40% believe that advertising in an editorial context increases their trust in the brand.

You can read IAB's survey here >>


Why buy Keyword Matching through Schibsted

Schibsted owns the content, which gives you as an advertiser several benefits

For example, we have access to articles before they are published, which means that we can be quick to match your message. You save time and maximize the potential for coverage.

keyword matching through Schibsted gives you priority among other advertisers


Book guaranteed promotions to get priority access to impressions - that's how you get enough reach in the desired context

phrases, words and phrases are used in Keyword; Matching

We combine technology with journalism

Keyword Matching uses article tags, which means that topics that are not mentioned directly in the article text are included. The word "football" is often not mentioned in articles about football. Our journalists use article tags to link the right keywords to the article. This way we can show the ad in the right context, even if the word itself is not in the text

Buy keyword matching programmatically in Schibsted


You can integrate the purchase with other programmatic campaigns in the DSP you already use. You control frequency, save time on reporting and campaign setup

Your ads appear to users in the right mode for your content

In Schibsted, 75 million read articles are published every week! It is very likely that some of this content is relevant to your customers. When someone reads about, for example, electric cars or restaurants, they are in an excellent mode for relevant ads. They have sought out this content themselves and the ad is in a credible context on some of Norway's largest news websites. 

Buy Keyword Matching

For more information, you can contact your customer advisor or send us an inquiry here >>


Direct markup: +35 CPM
Programmatic surcharge: +10 CPM


Direct markup: +90 CPM
Programmatic markup: +25 CPM

Standard segments

Our standard segments are ready-made segments based on popular categories. You can easily choose one of these segments, or tailor your own if none of the existing ones match your message.

Click on the segment to read more

Segment environment

Sustainability and the environment

Segment technology

Technology and digitization

segment housing market and mortgages

Housing market and mortgages

segment renovation and interior

Renovation and interior

Keyword Matching segment outdoor and Norwegian holidays

Norway holidays and outdoor life

Keyword Matching segment food and restaurants

Food and restaurants

Keyword Matching segment family life

Family life

Keyword Matching segment entertainment


Keyword Matching segment electric car

Electric car and hybrid car

Segment training

Exercise and diet

Oil and gas segment

Oil and gas

Keyword Matching segment saving


Keyword Matching segment economics and finance

Economics and finance

Keyword Matching segment clothing and fashion

Fashion and clothing

Segment cottage and cottage life

Cabin and cabin life

Segment jul


Segment jul


Segment jul


Segment jul

Generation Z

The products of the future are based on context and 1st-party data

Schibsted Match

If you take the step of combining the customer information you possess with Schibsted's first-party data, you get a match even Tinder will be envious of.

Schibsted's data target groups

Schibsted has the largest Norwegian logged-in ecosystem and a fantastic basis for goal management based on 1st-party data .

Contextual advertising

Use context to reach users in the right mode - those who are already reading relevant content for your message

Logged-in Targeting

By targeting your campaign to only logged-in users, you can better control how many people you reach, how many times and who they are!