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Increase the purchase intention

Is not the goal ultimately always sales?

Often you are looking for sales, but remember that your customers sometimes need time before they make a purchase. The traditional buying process is divided into 5 steps, with buying behavior at the end. The time a customer spends on the buying process of course depends on what he is going to buy; a car buyer will obtain more information and more quotes than one who will buy a chocolate.

With this in mind, there are several types of products in Schibsted that can increase the purchase intention. Below you will find a bunch of suggestions for formats and solutions that are particularly suitable godt .

When success can be measured through clicks

Click-optimized formats

When the value of the campaign is largely attributed to the traffic the campaign drives, it may be worthwhile to take a look at our CPC products.

Target group management effectively on brand

Targeted advertising for those with a buying intention

We pick up data from FINN and Prisjakt and know what users are searching for.

Native advertising drives conversions

Native Ads: Drives traffic to your landing page

Our Native Ads on online newspapers and on FINN .no is difficult godt suitable for driving traffic to your own pages. Here you can design the user experience so that it fits perfectly with your brand.

Newspaper advertising

Distribute your customer newspaper "straight home" with DM

Show off your entire product portfolio with DM; a customer newspaper delivered home on your doorstep!

How to use Geostyring

Reach people near your store

Reach those located in relevant geographic areas for your business.