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Advertise in one of Norway's largest weekly magazines distributed to our subscribers and loyal readers. Magasin is a suitable advertising channel when you want to build a brand or increase conversion in an environment with perceived high credibility and integrity. Magasin has premium ad spaces that guarantee high attention and reach a highly educated, affluent and affluent target group. The reader is reached in a unique offline mode, ready to be enlightened by current affairs and entertained by premium content.  



Large surfaces and readers who are highly
receptive to absorbing new information

  • Visibility in some of Norway's largest magazines
  • Reach readers in a relaxed and curious mode
  • Context with quality and depth
  • Et godt suitable format for building brand
  • Low advertising irritation
  • Large ad spaces with unique visibility
  • Long read time and lifespan
  • Loyal and affluent target group

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