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In-banner video horseshoes


With horseshoe ad, the reader can not help but see your message and is therefore godt suitable for building your brand or getting high attention to eg a time-limited message.

For the sake of the user experience on our sites, video / animations are only allowed in the page format (Skyscraper), in a maximum of half of the format.

Basic specifications

Size 1010x150px, 180x700px, 180x700px
Device Desktop, tablet
File format HTML5 or third-party tags
File size 150 kB per pc. Maximum 450 kB in total for all three formats
Recommended length 15 seconds or less
What does the ad look like? Watch live

Ad placement

Horseshoes are located at the very top of the Front and Article on the Desktop. The location covers three different locations: Skyscraper Right, Skyscraper Left and Topboard. The sidebars are sticky, which means that your message remains visible when the reader scrolls down the page.
Top banners disappear when scrolling, so it is wise to keep in mind that important elements of the message lie in the side posts.

Buy across our sites

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Buy on one or more of our brands

VG Kr 310CPM
E24 Kr 410 CPM
Aftenposten Kr 345 CPM
Stavanger Aftenblad Kr 345 CPM
Bergens Tidende Kr 345 CPM
Address Kr 345 CPM
Fædrelandsvennen Kr 345 CPM
TEK Kr 350 CPM
Pretty Kr 350 CPM
TVGuide Kr 350 CPM
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Available with goal control

Make sure you hit the right audience. We have created target groups based on variables such as demographics, geography, interests and intention. We can also tailor the target group based on your needs.

In Banner Video

With In Banner, your video is placed in banners on our premium websites.

This format gives you the opportunity to capture the attention of potential customers with dynamic images and sound. To maximize the impact of your message reach, we recommend subtitling the videos so that even without activated audio, your message is clear and engaging.

 If the goal is to create high engagement, you should choose full-screen Mobile and/or brandboard. If the goal is high reach , you should choose netboard and board XL.

In-banner video board

In-banner Video Board

320x250 px

In-banner video netboard

In-banner Video Netboard

580x400 px

In-banner video Wallpaper


1920x1300 px

In-banner video full screen

In-banner Video Fullscreen

1920x1080 px

In-banner video XL

In-banner Video XL

320x400 px

In-banner video brandboard

In-banner Video Brandboard

980x600 px

In-banner video skyscraper


180x500 px

In-banner video horseshoes


180x700 px (x2) + 1010x150 px

Native video ads

Native Ads Video



How to deliver display material to us

Delivery deadline: 3 working days before publication, no later than 12.00

Send the material to traffic@schibsted.no
Feel free to put your contact person in Schibsted on a copy
Include booking number and start date in the subject field

Horseshoe specifications
Standard sizes  180 × 700 px (x2) + 1010 × 150 px
Other allowable sizes 1010 × 300 px (does not apply to FINN and Schibsted Norway)
Device Desktop
File format JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML or third-party tag through AdForm, DV360 or SeenThis
HTML5 We rely on the INMA HTML standard, click here for specification. NB! We do not allow "console.log(" statements to be embedded in the code, as this can slow down our pages and break debugging processes on the sites. "console.log(" must therefore be removed from the code before submitting the material.
File size  150 kB per pc. Maximum 450 kB in total for all three formats
Video For the sake of the user experience on our sites, video/animations in the page format (Skyscraper) are only allowed in a maximum of half the format.
GDPR, data policy and measurements

Schibsted uses Xandr as an ad management system and it is Schibsted's measurements of ad impressions that are applicable and not other parties' tracking system. It is only possible to use Schibsted data in connection with advertising on Schibsted's services. It is not possible to use Schibsted- data to target or retarget Schibsted's users on other applications or services.

Read more about our data policy for advertisers

Read more about Schibsted's processing of GDPR, Data Policy and Measurements

Cancellation and relocation

Relocation presupposes that new dates are available and that we have available stock. Indent date can only be moved once:

  • Relocation earlier than 10 days before the promotion date: No extra charge
  • Cancellation later than 10 days before the promotion date: 25% must be paid
  • Cancellation later than 3 days before promotion date: 100% must be paid
  • Moving more than 30 days in advance is considered a cancellation and cancellation policy applies.