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Schibsted Match includes these brands: Bergens Tidende, Aftenposten, VG, Adressa, FINN , E24

Reach 80% of your customers on our surfaces *

Schibsted Match is a CRM-matching product that gives you the opportunity to find customers from your customer lists, on Schibsted's sites.
The average match rate for Schibsted Match is as high as 80%. Based on this, one can say that if you have a customer list of 100,000 people, then you can meet 80,000 people of your own customers on premium sites like VG, FINN or Aftenposten *.

* Based on average reach B2C rate


Do you have a customer list with a minimum of 10,000 contacts? Through Schibsted Match, you can use the information from the customer lists that you have collected to create a target group for digital advertising. How to meet your customers where they are and in the right mode.

Schibsted Match is based on logged in users

Our logged in users

Schibsted reaches 91% of the population over the age of 12 in one week, and as many as 2 million people log in with us every single day. This gives good data quality and a fantastic starting point for building coverage.

Schibsted's ecosystem of logged in users

2 million Norwegians are logged in to one or more of Schibsted's sites every day

Secure privacy

Schibsted Match is safe and GDPR-friendly. You upload the customer lists yourself in our self-service advertising platform Admarket and from here the customer list is matched against our logged in users in a few minutes, before the customer list is deleted.

We are proud that all our targeting products are based on 1st party data , and is in line with GDPR legislation. As an advertiser at Schibsted, you are guaranteed safe and secure advertising products, where privacy is a guarantee.

Give your consent to use Schibsted Match


In order for us to be able to use your CRM data In the marketing context, you must have the consent or legitimate interest to use the customer's data in external marketing.

Through Schibsted match you can segment


Why not run different messages to different customers, based on your CRM data about the customer relationship? You can also exclude a group of customers from your message!

Sign an agreement for Schibsted Match


The abbreviation DPA stands for Data Processor Agreement, to be signed by both parties. The agreement is mainly about the terms of our data processing.

Admarket profile

Admarket is Schibsted's self-service platform for advertising purchases. Here you can easily upload your customer list to follow the results of the campaign.


The customer list is matched against our logged in users, before they are deleted. This takes approx. 5-20 minutes.

Examples of how to use Schibsted Match

Reach your customers through Schibsted Match

Buy Schibsted match

Get started with Schibsted Match in our self-service platform Admarket


Schibsted Match is available both directly
and programmatic

Direct markup: +90 CPM
Programmatic markup: +35 CPM

Display advertising

Video in-banner

Native advertising

For more information, you can contact your customer advisor or send us an inquiry here >>

The products of the future are based on 1st-party data and context

Schibsted Match

If you take the step of combining the customer information you possess with Schibsted's first-party data, you get a match even Tinder will be envious of.

Schibsted's data target groups

Schibsted has the largest Norwegian logged-in ecosystem and a fantastic basis for goal management based on 1st-party data .

Contextual advertising

Use context to reach users in the right mode - those who are already reading relevant content for your message

Logged-in Targeting

By targeting your campaign to only logged-in users, you can better control how many people you reach, how many times and who they are!