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Contextual advertising

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Relevance, completely without personal data

The context, or the content of the website that the user visits, can say something about what the user is interested in. For example, it is likely that users on Godt .no looking for food inspiration and that people who visit Finn jobb are receptive to information about new positions.

Take ownership of a topic and become hyper-relevant to those who read content that matches your message. Contextual advertising in Schibsted makes it possible to advertise in a relevant context for your message - completely without using personal data.


Schibsted Match includes these brands: Bergens Tidende, Aftenposten, VG, Adressa, FINN , E24

Keyword Matching

Use the context of the news media to reach users in the right mode - those who are already reading relevant articles for your message.


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Presence on FINN Marketplace

On FINN .no you meet users who are actively looking for a product or service on one of our marketplaces; engine, real estate, personal finance, the square and work.

Schibsted Match includes these brands: Bergens Tidende, Aftenposten, VG, Adressa, FINN , E24


Mittanbud .no is Norway's largest marketplace for buying and selling services. Here you can find help for everything from carpenter, electrician, plumber to car repair shop, moving help and cleaning. Mittanbud is involved in the entire journey from planning projects to the customer writing an evaluation afterwards.

Build a brand with newspaper advertising

Schibsteds niche sites

In Schibsted we have a number of our own niche sites which gives you as an advertiser leeway in a completely unique context. Ads in the context of: Godt .no, Matkanalen , Minmote ,, TV Guiden,

Theme magazines and editorial inserts

In Schibsted, we have a number of theme magazines and editorial inserts that give you as an advertiser a very special context to advertise in. We have, among other things:

Mat Fra Norge
Dine Penger
Aftenposten Historie
Aftenposten Vitenskap
Aftenposten Innsikt
VG Kryss
VG Strikk
Sports and football magazines