Content Pluss

Content, or content marketing, is an ad type visually tailored to the content of the page. Content ads are produced by Schibsted Partnerstudio. Schibsted Partnerstudio has unique knowledge of how the message is best adapted to Schibsted's surfaces and readers, and can tailor concepts based on your KPI (s) target group and strategy.


Content Plus is sold per click (CPC), and includes:
  • Production in standard article template
  • Sold on CPC, with click guarantee
  • Flexibility around pressure and frequency
  • Distribution across Schibsted
  • Opportunity for target group management and geographical targeting

Ad placement

The ad is distributed through our advertising system Xander. The digital content can be placed both on the front pages of newspapers and in articles, can be both target group controlled and geost controlled if desired. This product is also available for, Godt .no, and Min Mote.

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Available with goal control

Make sure you hit the right audience. We have created target groups based on variables such as demographics, geography, interests and intention. We can also tailor the target group based on your needs.

Our Products in Content Marketing

Content Pluss

Content Premium

Content Print


General reservation deadlines
  1. Within the next 14 days -> Can not reserve, only sales accepted
  2. Between 15 and 30 days in advance -> Can be reserved for 4 working days
  3. Between 30 and 120 days in advance -> Can be reserved for 15 working days
  4. Over 120 days in advance -> Can be reserved for 30 working days

It is not possible to extend the reservations.

Cancellation and relocation
  • Cancellation where we have produced content = 100% must be paid by production cost
  • Cancellation later than 20 days before promotion date = 25% must be paid by distribution cost.
  • Cancellation later than 5 days before promotion date = 100% must be paid by distribution cost
  • Relocation earlier than 20 days before promotion date = OK
    This presupposes that new dates are available, and places must be available. The indentation date can only be moved once. Moving more than 30 days in advance is considered a cancellation and cancellation policy applies.
Advertiser Content
  • The content of the advertiser must follow the Vær Varsom poster, all relevant laws and regulations, and not conflict with the newspaper's basic views, perceptions and ethical attitudes or which are otherwise suitable for weakening readers' trust.
  • Advertiser content that is obviously illegal, incorrect or misleading (eg competition or subscription) will be rejected.
    The advertiser content should not have a sexually intrusive, violent, offensive or racist message.
  • All advertiser content must be clearly marked according to VG Partnerstudio's rules. Our readers should never be in doubt about what is editorial content and what is advertiser content on Schibsted's website.
  • We reserve the right to reject advertiser content that is not approved by the editor-in-chief.
Content ownership

The customer owns the content and is free to use it in their own channels. It involves everything we produce in the form of text, video and images. If the content is to be used detached from each other, e.g. pictures only, this must be approved by the person (s) pictured.

By further publishing the content in other media - and by reusing the cases in Schibsted's universe beyond the agreed campaign period - factual information must be checked to ensure that everything is up to date, and the cases must be informed and approved that they will also be exposed in other media.

Linking to article via display, native or other formats - must be approved by Partner Studio.

Beyond this collaboration, there is no exclusivity agreement between the Parties, and PS is free to collaborate with competing companies within other solutions in Schibsted.


Customers who buy distribution from Schibsted Partnerstudio will, in the same way as all other advertising material in Schibsted, not be able to secure themselves against the type of content that appears on corresponding advertising spaces.


The customer must complain within a reasonable time, and no later than 10 days after the published campaign.


Implementation of GDPR is constantly evolving, so for updated and complementary information about third parties, data policy and more, click here .

All customers who want some form of third-party tracking must familiarize themselves with Schibsted Data Policy. You can read more information about Schibsted's data policy in Norway here .

In cases where Schibsted acts as a data processor on behalf of the customer, for example by implementing a lead form in an article, hosting a competition, etc., the customer must sign Schibsted's Data Processor Agreement (“DPA”). PS is responsible for sending DPA to the customer for signing in the relevant cases.

Do I have to create the ad myself?

Our design team creates the ad for you. All we need is to receive the logo, text and image you want to use in your ad.