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Product placement

In all sports programs and light entertainment programs, there are opportunities for product placement. We can offer your product the opportunity to become an integral part of the product, long exposure time and exclusivity.

Example 1: The Academy has sponsored Harm & Hegseth Show, and they had a Rubik's Cube with a logo that stood godt visible on the table in the studio. In addition, the Academy's logo is exposed on a large balloon/ball in the studio.

Example 2: Coca-Cola sponsored VG Live. In the studio we had 2 Cola Zero refrigerators, and the host and guests supplied themselves during the broadcast. We also made a "wipe" at targets where the products were integrated into the visual expression.

Example 3: Explo from Mack has product placed its drink in the studio in Spårtsklubben. Here, each of the participants in the program receives a can of Explo, and the cans are constantly drunk. In this way, the logo and product get very good exposure.

Example 4: In the Spårtsløpet, the participants were dressed up in clothes from Swix. The products had a very good match with the content of Spårtsløpet, and this thus created good results for the link between brand and programme.

Ad placement

We have many exciting solutions, ranging from influencer collaboration to product placement.

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