News / The BRAV brand house meets its customers through Admarket
Christophe Pons is Brand Marketing Manager for Ulvang

The BRAV brand house meets its customers through Admarket

2022-02-21 | Case , News

BRAV owns and manages the brands Swix, Toko, Lundhags, Ulvang and Helsport, in addition to running The company's vision is to make dreams come true for its customers.

To reach the Norwegian people with their message, BRAV collaborates with Schibsted, and uses Admarket for advertising.

Christophe Pons is Brand Marketing Manager for Ulvang, and swears by Ulvang when he is out on a trip! Since Admarket's launch, he has bought advertising campaigns on Norwegian media in the self-service solution to market the hiking outfit Ulvang.

He emphasizes the simplicity and transparency that makes him return to self-service time and time again:

The self-service solution Admarket makes it easy for advertisers large and small, to reach out with their message to the Norwegian people in a safe and transparent way.

Another reason why Christophe buys ads on the platform is because he is assured of successful advertising services.

Schibsted proves once again that they are a horse's head ahead of the market when it comes to user-friendly and effective advertising services.


More flexibility

Fredrik Olsen, who is Key Account Manager and customer manager for BRAV in Schibsted, highlights the good collaboration they have. Fredrik has given the customer a good introduction to Admarket, which means that they have become more independent and can order on their own and have access to the campaign reports at all times.

- That way we get more time to work together with creative and proactive processes.

Many of the customers who collaborate with Fredrik have used Admarket.
To the question of why customers choose self-service, he answers:

The intuitive booking process makes it all simple and clear from start to finish. The flexibility the tool offers by being able to book a campaign, among other things, but waiting to upload material at a later date is also a welcome opportunity for the customer, he adds.

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Do as BRAV and find your customers on some of Norway's most read websites.