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5 reasons to buy Bumper on VGTV

2022-01-17 | News , Video

Written by Jasmina Lie, Julie Januel-Nødtvedt and Helene Sandvik

The advertising market is on fire, and right now it is difficult to find good video formats with wide coverage. But here we come with a solution for you who can shop fast, we still have capacity on VGTV with the format Bumper! This is a 6-second video format that has high coverage and documented effect. You can read more about the specifications for the Bumper format here

There are many good reasons to choose Bumper on VGTV.

Here we give you the 5 most important arguments.


5 good reasons to choose bumper ads on VGTV


Estimated weekly total coverage of 32%

Bumpers on VGTV have high coverage and send identity. With the product Bumper coverage, for example, we estimate to meet as many as 650,000 people in one week, which corresponds to 15% of Norway's population.


2. High sender identity

Tests carried out by Schibsted and Norstat show that the sender identity on Bumper is on average 79%, which is 3 percentage points above the benchmark in all formats. Sender identity is absolutely essential to be able to lift all the advertising effects. To take advantage of an advertisement, consumers need to understand who the advertiser is!


3. Bumpers increase the buying intention

Bumpers on VGTV is the video format with the absolute highest purchase intention at Schibsted. Tests carried out by Schibsted and Norstat show that the purchase intention in the Bumper format is on average 27%, which is 8 percentage points higher than the benchmark in all formats.


4. High liking ❤️

High liking gives positive associations to a brand or product / service an overall overview of all tests we have carried out in collaboration with Norstat shows that liking has a high correlation with important measurement parameters such as assessment, purchase intention and preference. The bumper format on VGTV has an average liking of 35% which is 5 percentage points higher than the benchmark.


5. The bumpers on VGTV have a premium placement in an editorial context

Strong formats and low noise

The noise and quality of the format has a lot to say for how the brand and the advertisement are perceived, yes - in fact if it is perceived at all! On VGTV, there is ONLY 1 bumper advertisement before and between editorial content. That way, you do not have to fight for consumers' attention, and consumers will not experience the ad as noisy. The tests we have carried out in collaboration with Norstat show that this is true. Bumps on VGTV have on average contributed to 40% being positive about the brand in the advertisement, which is as much as 9 percentage points above the benchmark for all formats.

The effect of being in a good editorial context

Surveys show that the context in which the ad stands has a lot to say about how the ad and the brand are perceived. Not surprisingly, an editorial context is perceived as good. It is serious, confident and has readers' credibility. If you are interested in this topic, we recommend the report from IAB, which you can read here. VG is a channel people trust, and advertising on VGTV can consequently have a positive effect on your brand (The Halo Effect). Contact your customer advisor at Schibsted or Jasmina Lie for video questions

Sources: Schibsted video study 2020 and Schibsted benchmark report digital advertising tests 2017-2021 Source coverage: Norstat week 39-47 2021