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Book your ads yourself on 1-2-3 with Admarket

2021-12-8 | News , Schibsted , Schibsted Bergen

Do you usually advertise on VG, FINN or in your local regional newspaper?

You can now take full control of your advertising with the Admarket self-service tool. Gain flexibility by planning, booking and following up on the campaigns just when it suits you. Admarket is Schibsted's self-service advertising platform where you can advertise on your own on some of Norway's largest websites. Our websites are a natural part of Norwegians' everyday lives - whether it is reading the latest news on VG, reading financial news on E24 or looking for housing on FINN . Your ads will always be in a safe context at Schibsted, with premium, effective formats and unique data .

Here are 3 good reasons to use Admarket:

1. You get access to all your ad reports in one place

All ongoing and previously booked digital campaigns are gathered in Admarket, regardless of whether you have booked with an advisor or on your own. Analyze the results of the final reports or track the results of ongoing campaigns in real time.

2. You get control over your bookings

In Admarket, you can easily set up your digital campaigns in 5 easy steps. 1. Choose website, unit and ad format 2. Choose target group (geography, interest, gender, age) 3. Choose campaign period, budget and see expected campaign print 4. Upload your advertising material right away or later 5. Review and order! Watch demo video on how to book a campaign in Admarket.

It's free and flexible

Registration is free and without obligation, and you of course keep your advisor with us. We also have no system fee. This means that your entire budget goes to the ad purchase, and we guarantee delivery on all purchases (excluding CPC where we only invoice the number of clicks delivered). You get access to all your digital reports and book your campaigns, just when it suits you.