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From corona fog to data fog

2022-02-2 | News , Schibsted

Finally, we can say it out loud; we are done with 2021. Despite the fact that the corona fog has not completely lifted, it was a year that in many ways ended better than it started. At least for those of us who use everyday life to manage Norwegian advertising money in a fiery media market. All arrows are now pointing upwards, and growth is almost 16% compared to last year. As the most optimistic of us predicted early on, we also passed the golden year 2019 when the champagne cork popped on the roof on 31 December.

In the autumn of 2021, ANFO once again arranged The Big Advertiser Day. The optimism in the market and the belief in continued growth were also consistent when Håvard Bakken presented the Advertiser Report. 1 in 2 plans to increase budgets, and only 1 in 10 envisages a cut.


Do you have control over your own data ?

Advertisers continue to report that their biggest challenge is measuring the impact of their investments. It has not been easier because today it is time- and resource-intensive to measure effects across the channels. It also does not help that the digital investments are often distributed on both national and global media, at the same time as possessing the right digital competence is demanding for both advertisers and agencies.

The digital landscape is large and confusing, and the feeling that maps and terrain do not match, is felt by more people. -Many advertisers and raw donors need to pull their heads out of the sand, we could recently read from Jørgen Brunborg-Næss on The Austrian Data Inspectorate has concluded that the use of Google Analytics is illegal, and here at home there are now many, like Brunborg-Næss, who ask themselves how they should relate to data collection and analysis in the future.

For several years we have been thrilled data , amounts of data . But have we gotten lost on the road, and are we about to get lost in a thick and low-hanging data fog? Most people still struggle to answer the core question; Do you have such good control on your own data , that you can actually increase the effect of your own media investments?


During the year, we will say goodbye to the third-party cookie.

We meet an everyday life with fewer cookies, but does that mean that the fog lightens and effect measurement becomes easier? According to the ANFO advertiser report, more than half of the advertisers have not yet worked out a strategy for alternative marketing after the death of cookies.

The simplest is often the best, says Rema 1000. But does it also apply to digital marketing? This fall, Facebook announced that they will change the way they calculate reach on. If you have not linked your Facebook and Instagram profile, you will in future count as two people when you are exposed to one and the same message, eg an ad from Rema 1000. For an advertiser who is dependent on Reach broad out with the right frequency, this is a critical change. In reality, in future you will have to pay more for lower coverage and higher frequency with Facebook and Instagram.


Schibsted represents the largest Norwegian logged-in ecosystem

In Schibsted, we reach 91% of the population over the age of 12 in one week.
For several years, we have been rigging ourselves for cookie death, and worked purposefully to get as many people as possible to log in to one of our surfaces. This is because we want to offer a good experience to our readers, as well as offer impressions that give effect to our advertisers. As a result, we have close to 2 million logged-in users daily and represent the largest Norwegian logged-in ecosystem. For you as an advertiser, this means that you know how many people you have reached and how many times they have been exposed to your message.

If you take the step of combining your own first-party data, with Schibsted first-party data, you get a match even Tinder will be envious of. And as a bonus, you've also got one godt step further towards measuring the effect of your investments

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