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Impact in digital channels

2023-06-5 | Insights, News

Have you ever thought about how much attention you actually get per impression when advertising on digital platforms and news media?

Attention is the key to achieving impact with your advertising. If no one notices your ad, it will neither increase brand awareness nor drive action from potential customers. Advertising agencies are experts at designing ads that trigger curiosity and create attention from the target audience. As long as the ad itself is good, does it really matter where it is distributed? This is precisely what Schibsted wanted to investigate through a study in collaboration with Orkla, Annalect, OMD and SeenThis. Specifically, they wanted to compare the effect of advertising on Schibsted versus Facebook.

The results were remarkable - very similar campaigns performed very similarly on both platforms, except for one important factor: attention.


30% more likely to remember seeing the ad on Schibsted.

In summary, the study showed that attention is a crucial factor in terms of effect. The target group was 30% more likely to remember seeing an ad on Schibsted compared to the same ad on Facebook.

Frode Sylliåsen, Director Growth and Development at OMD, confirms that the study proves that display ads can deliver high attention. At the same time, he believes it is important to emphasize that display alone does not do the job. It is important to focus on quality in both content and distribution.

"The fact that fewer impressions may be needed for the desired effect on Schibsted's sites than alternatives is positive for several reasons, and confirms that Schibsted has done a good job in developing its commercial sites," says Sylliåsen.

The study is thus concrete proof that a view has different value across ad platforms, and that there is a big difference in quality between views.


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