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Coverage in the target group with display advertising

2022-01-27 | News

If you are going to reach a wide audience, it is important to make sure that you choose formats with good results reach . The narrower your target audience is, the more important it is to make sure you choose formats with high delivery capacity - so you reach as many relevant people as possible!

Board and Netboard are Schibsted's most popular display products and can be found on all Schibsted sites, both on the article and on the front page. Easy and cost effective for you who want to Reach broad across the country, or in a specific audience, across mobile, desktop and tablet.


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320 × 250 px



580 × 400 px

Advantages of using Board and Netboard cross-device

When you buy cross-device, your ads will appear to your target audience, regardless of whether the person is on mobile or desktop. That way you know that you get the best possible coverage in the target group - you meet as many people as possible! Read about our target groups here >>

Board and Netboard cross-device provide better delivery capacity than if you only choose mobile or desktop - you ensure access to a larger inventory within the campaign period. 


How do I buy a board and netboard cross-device?


This product can be purchased across Schibsted Norway (all sites included FINN ) or Schibsted News Media (all our news websites). The product can be combined with goal management, so you can reach many - or just a few.

Contact your customer advisor in Schibsted and we will help you set up the campaign.

This product can also be purchased in our self-service portal Admarket. Create a new campaign based on the goal "brand awareness" as a goal and "all units". Furthermore, you can select the target audience for the campaign.